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Set up tickets

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Created by Steve.Hawkins, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi on Jul 18, 2016

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Clients and techs create tickets, either through the Web Help Desk user interface or through email, and use tickets to correspond to each other.

The Tickets tab in the left menu defines ticketing functions, such as how tickets are generated, routed, updated, and closed. These functions include:

When a client or tech creates a ticket, they select a request type that determines which custom fields display on the ticket and which techs can be assigned to it. The request type also determines how the ticket is routed to a tech.

Each ticket is assigned a status and a priority. The status indicates the ticket's stage of completion (for example, Open, Acknowledged, Resolved, or Closed) and determines whether time should be counted against the ticket while in that stage.

The priority determines the ticket due date. Each priority can be configured with three alert levels to warn techs when a ticket needs attention.

Tasks facilitate how tickets are automatically created. A task contains one or more task elements, each of which provides settings for a new ticket. When the task runs, a ticket is created for each task element, either sequentially or all at once, depending on how the task has been configured. Tasks can be run manually or automatically at given intervals.

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