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Track ticket work time

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In Web Help Desk (WHD), Reports like the Billing Reports can show you the 'Work Time' of a ticket, provided, the technicians/agents enter the 'Work Time' in the 'Notes' section. 

1. Login to WHD with technician/agent credentials > click on the 'Tickets' icon to list the tickets.  

2. Open a ticket that you are assigned to as a 'Tech' to view its details.

3. Click the plus "+" sign in the 'Notes' section to add a new note to this ticket.

4. In the 'Note' section, add the time taken to do an activity in the "Work Time" fields, which is highlighted in the sample screen given below.

kb 5302.jpg 


5. Click 'Save'. 

6. Repeat steps 3 - 5, whenever you work on a ticket.

7. Now, the 'Work Time' can be reported on.


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15:15, 13 Nov 2015