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Surveys are not being sent out for closed tickets


When the ticket status is set to Closed, no surveys are sent to clients. In some cases, surveys are sent but not consistently.


All WHD versions


This is due to the incorrect configuration or user error.


There are two ways you can receive a survey link. The first is on a closed ticket email, which includes a survey invitation link. Select "Save & Email" on a closed ticket for the client to see this invitation. The second way is by survey reminder email, which sends a reminder after a set interval if no survey response is received from the initial invitation.

  1. Verify that the technician is using "Save & Email" after ticket status is set to Closed.
  2. Go to Setup > Surveys> Options.
  3. Verify that the Default Survey Reminder Interval is set.
Last modified
14:37, 16 Nov 2016