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Set up an approval ticket in WHD

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Updated March 11th, 2016


When setting up an approval process, remember that the approvers in the approval process are always clients. A tech account cannot be used in the approval process.
Should you require one of your techs to be an approver, be sure that the tech has a corresponding client account.



  • WHD v12.x


1. Define the approval process:
    Setup > Processes > Approval Processes > New

2. Select the approvers in the settings for the approval.
    The requests can be approved through email, web or both.

3. Once the approval process is defined, set up the new ticket status type to be used only for the approval processes.
    For example, needs approval, approved, refused or denied.
    Setup > Tickets > Status Types > New

4. Once the new status type has been added, set them for use on the status type option.
    Setup > Tickets > Status Types > Option tab


5. Generate a new request type to be used for the tickets that will need approval.
    An approval process can be selected in the settings for this new request type.
    When the tickets are generated with this request type, the approval process will automatically be initiated.

Note: If the new ticket status type is setup properly, they will also be used when appropriate.

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13:39, 23 Mar 2017