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Schedule Web Help Desk for macOS restart to clear the JVM Heap memory

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Steve.Hawkins on Oct 05, 2017

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This article describes how to schedule a nightly WHD for macOS restart to clear the JVM Heap memory.


WHD for macOS


Load the provided .plist file and follow the steps below. This file is configured to restart Web Help Desk each night at 1AM. You can change the schedule by editing the StartCalendarInterval property in the plist. See your macOS documentation for details.

The launch daemon listed in the following steps works only with the standard Tomcat deployment of Web Help Desk. WebObjects Monitor deployments use the Monitor tool to configure automatic restarts. When scheduling with the Monitor, make sure to clear Is Graceful to force the instances to restart.

  1. Log in as root or admin
  2. Copy the /Library/WebHelpDesk/bin/com.macsdesign.WebHelpDeskAutoRestart.plist file into your /Library/LaunchDaemons folder.
  3. Execute:
    launchctl load com.macsdesign.WebHelpDeskAutoRestart.plist
  4. Verify that the .plist file loaded successfully.
    launchctl list

  5. Unload the LaunchDaemon (if required).
    launchctl unload com.macsdesign.WebHelpDeskAutoRestart.plist

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