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Reset the asset numbering from the database

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Created by Renato Quejas, last modified by Rodim Suarez on Mar 08, 2017

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Updated March 8, 2017


This article will show you how to change the asset numbering from the database if you do not have an Asset Discovery Connection. 


All WHD versions



For Embedded PostgreSQL:

  1. Run the pgAdmin3.exe (as admin) under ..\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\pgsql9\bin
  2. Go to File > open pg_hba.conf under ..\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\pgsql9\data.
  3. Double click the line host all all password.
  4. Change the method from 'password' to 'trust' then save (do not close the pgAdmin3.exe). 
  5. Restart the Web Help Desk PostgreSQL Embedded Database service (start > run > services.msc).
  6. From the pgAdmin3.exe, go to File > Add Server > add the following. Then click OK.
    • Name: whd
    • Host:
    • Port: 20293
    • Maintenance DB: choose 'template1'
    • Username: whd
    • Password: <leave as blank>
  7. Expand Databases and you should see the 'whd'.
  8. Expand the Schemas > Sequences > and look for asset_seq.
  9. Right click the asset_seq > Properties.
  10. Under the Definition tab, you will see the current value or last number of the asset.
    Change the Asset number Increment value, Current Value etc. 



Select the [EO_PK_TABLE] table then run the SQL query below: 

UPDATE [dbo].[EO_PK_TABLE] SET PK='<current asset number>' where NAME='ASSET'




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