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No space available when uploading attachments

Created by Renato Quejas, last modified by Rodim Suarez on Mar 07, 2017

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An error message occurs when uploading attachments:

IOError: [Errno 21] No usable temporary directory found in ['/tmp, '/var/tmp', '/usr/tmp', '/home/admin']


All WHD Linux versions


The root partition of the Virtual Appliance (VA) is out of disk space. 


  1. Clear out the tomcat log.
    1. Go to cd /usr/local/webhelpdesk/bin/tomcat/log.
    2. Delete all the logs (including the Catalina log) inside the directory either by using root right with rm -rf* or using WinSCP with root login.
  2. Move the backup files to another particion - data1/backup.
    1. Go to cd /usr/local/webhelpdesk/pgsql9/Backups/.
    2. Enter the command: mv * /data1/backup.
  3. Restart the WHD service.
    1. Enter the command - service webhelpdesk stop.
    2. Enter the command - service webhelpdesk start.
See also WHD sda disk full (available space 0%) for additional information.


Last modified
18:30, 6 Mar 2017