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Merge duplicate clients in bulk

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This article describes how to merge duplicate clients in bulk.


All WHD versions


  1. Create a backup of your database.
  2. Delete the Client Accounts you wish to remove:
    1. Click Clients.
    2. Click Advance Search and look for the Clients accounts you wish remove.
    3. Select the results.
    4. In Bulk Action on the lower left side of the screen, click the + sign.
    5. Click Delete. 
    6. Click Apply.
      Note: This merge only affects accounts with either the same email or username depending on what you have set under Setup > Clients > Options > Client Login Attribute.
  3. Open the Merge Duplicate Clients tool by opening the link: http://[WHD_HOSTNAME]/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/DBActions/mergeDuplicateClients
  4. Log in with an WHD Admin Account.
  5. Click Start and then click OK.
Last modified
00:55, 13 Sep 2016