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Home > Success Center > Web Help Desk (WHD) > LDAP fails to connect when initiating a connection

LDAP fails to connect when initiating a connection


LDAP fails to connect when initiating a connection from the Web Help Desk server to a customer's LDAP server.


All WHD versions


Perform the following procedures.

Set the debug levels

  1. Log into Web Help Desk as an administrator.
  2. Click Setup > General > Logs.
  3. Click the Web Help Desk Application drop-down menu and select Debug.
  4. Expand Web Help Desk Daemon Services > All Daemons.
  5. Click the LDAP Sync Daemon drop-down menu and select Debug.
  6. Click Save. 

Browse the target LDAP server

  1. Download and install an LDAP browser (such as Apache Directory Studio).
  2. Browse the target LDAP server using the same server target address, port, and authentication parameters used for Web Help Desk.

    Ensure that Bulk Synchronization is not selected in WHD.

  3. If you can find users on the target LDAP server, try to locate a user on the WHD LDAP interface using the following filter: 

    where someuser is the username you located while browsing.
    Make sure there are no trailing blank spaces in the filter window. 

If the procedure successful and you can import this user, change the filter to (objectClass=Person) and attempt to sync all users.

If the procedure fails, create screenshots of the browser and Web Help Desk screens and attach them to a ticket with the debug log.



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