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Unauthorized clients can log in to a Tech account using LDAP authentication


Updated: November 20, 2017


A tech or client could access Web Help Desk using an unauthorized LDAP account. 


  • WHD 12.5.1 and earlier


Problematic Web Help Desk logic used for LDAP authentication.


Install Web Help Desk 12.5 Service Pack 2 (12.5.2) on your Web Help Desk server. When the installation is completed, techs must access Web Help Desk using either a linked Client LDAP account or using the local WHD Tech account. 

If you are a tech, you can switch to your Tech account by clicking the user icon in the Client user interface.  


This release implements the following changes:

  • The Web Help Desk database is updated to 12.5.2.
  • All techs are blocked from using LDAP authentication in their current tech account.
  • All techs receive an email with instructions to reset their local WHD password. This process is required in case there is no linked Client account to a tech. 
  • All passwords are stored in the Web Help Desk database. LDAP passwords are not affected by the upgrade.
  • The administrator receives a message in Web Help Desk with a list of all affected techs. 

See the Web Help Desk Upgrade Guide for checklists and gotchas that will help you prepare for your upgrade.

To install Web Help Desk 12.5.2:

  1. Back up your Web Help Desk database. 
  2. Ensure that all techs have a Client account.
  3. Download the Service Pack from the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  4. Run the Web Help Desk installer.
  5. Notify all techs without Client accounts to access their email and create a new password. 

Create Client accounts for all techs

Be sure to change the user name for each tech. Tech and Client usernames cannot be the same. Web Help Desk prioritizes Tech accounts over Client accounts. If the application discovers the same username for Client and Tech, it will try to log in the tech using the tech's local WHD credentials. 

  1. Create a Client account for all techs who only have a Tech account. This process ensures that all techs using LDAP authentication can continue logging in to Web Help Desk using LDAP.
    See Methods for creating client accounts for additional information.
  2. Verify that the client account can switch to a Tech account.  
    1. Click Setup > Techs > Techs.
    2. Click a tech account name.
    3. In the Account Info tab under Identity, locate the Linked Client field.
    4. Verify that the field indicates a linked client. Click the tooltip for more information.
    5. Repeat step b through step d for all affected techs. 

Download the Service Pack

  1. Log in to your Web Help Desk server as an administrator.
  2. Log in to the Customer Portal
  3. Click Downloads > Download Product.
  4. Click the Product drop-down menu and select Web Help Desk.
  5. Under Additional Downloads, select Web Help Desk v12.5.2

Install the Service Pack

  1. Review the requirements, checklists, and procedures in the Web Help Desk Upgrade Guide. This guide walks you through the upgrade procedure and includes checklists to prepare and complete the upgrade.
  2. Quit all running programs. 
  3. Stop Web Help Desk
  4. Run the Web Help Desk 12.5.2 installer.
    1. Double-click the installer icon.
      The installer starts.
    2. In the Introduction window, read the text and then click Next. 
    3. In the Upgrade / Reinstall window, select Upgrade/Repair and then click Next.
    4. In the Choose Shortcut Folder, click Don't create icons, and then click Next.
    5. Complete the remaining windows in the installer.

      The installation may require several minutes to complete.

      When the installation is complete, a dialog box displays, stating that the PostgreSQL database is not up to date with Web Help Desk 12.5.2.


  5. Click Continue to complete the database update.

    The update process may require several minutes to complete.

  6. When prompted, log in to Web Help Desk as an administrator. 
  7. Click Messages in the toolbar.
  8. Click the View Messages tab.
  9. Click New Messages.
  10. Locate the message that lists all affected tech accounts.
  11. Ensure that all affected techs update their password.

Update the tech password

After you install Web Help Desk 12.5.2, prompt all affected techs to update their tech password.

  1. Log in to your tech email account.
  2. Locate and open the password reset email from Web Help Desk.
  3. Click the password reset link in the email.
  4. When prompted, enter a new password and click Change Password. 
  5. Click Go to Web Help Desk Login Page to continue. 
  6. Enter your name and password in the Log In screen.
  7. In the Client account, switch to the Tech account to access your tickets. 
    When you log out and then log back in to Web Help Desk, the Tech account screen displays in your monitor. 


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