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Unable to redirect communications to the SSL port


In a standard Web Help Desk deployment, you can enable Web Help Desk to accept HTTP or HTTPS requests by using one of the following methods:

  • Enable the Insecure Port or SSL Port settings in the whd.conf file.
  • Click Setup > Options in the user interface and select Always (for HTTPS requests) or Never (for HTTP requests) in the Force HTTPS field.

In version 12.2 under certain conditions, Web Help Desk may not redirect communications through the SSL (HTTPS) port when enabled in the whd.conf file or the user interface.


  • Web Help Desk 12.2


Software bug. This issue will be addressed in a future release.


Enable redirects to the SSL port

  1. On the system running Web Help Desk, navigate to:
  2. C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf

    This path applies to a default installation on a Microsoft® Windows® system.

  3. Open the whd.conf file in a text editor. 
  4. In the file, ensure that the following code is not commented out:
  5. In the file, ensure that the following code is commented out:
  6. Save and close the whd.conf file.
  7. Navigate to:
    C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\bin\tomcat\conf 
  8. In the conf directory, locate and backup the web.xml file to another location.
  9. In the conf directory, open the web.xml file in a text editor.
  10. In the file, locate the following code:
    < ! -- The JSP page compiler -- >
  11. Copy and paste the code listed below in the attachment before the code listed in step 10.
  12. Save and close the web.xml file.
  13. Close and restart Web Help Desk to enable your changes.


Apply the following code for step 11.

<!-- Require HTTPS for everything except /img (favicon) and /css. -->


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