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Unable to access ticket note links in an email ticket

Table of contents

Updated March 11th, 2016


When a help desk technician saves and emails a ticket with a note that includes a hyperlink, the client cannot access the link outside of their SolarWinds Web Help Desk user interface.


The hostname in the hyperlink does not point to an external DNS server. As a result, the link can only be accessed from within the SolarWinds Web Help Desk user interface.


Update the bb_config.xml configuration file, replacing the current hostname with the hostname or IP address of the system that hosts your SolarWinds Web Help Desk software.

To update your bb_config.xml configuration file:
  1. Locate your archiving software.
    You can also download the 7Zip open source file archiving software to your SolarWinds Web Help Desk system.
  2. Stop Web Help Desk.
  3. Open a File Explorer window and navigate to the following directory:
    < WebHelpDesk >\bin\webapps\helpdesk\WEB-INF\lib
    where < WebHelpDesk > is the location of your Web Help Desk directory.
  4. In the \lib directory, back up the following file to another location:
  5. In the \lib directory, change the file extension to:
  6. Using 7Zip or another archiving software application, extract the file contents.
  7. In the file contents, open the Resources directory.
  8. In the directory, locate the following file:
  9. Open the bb_config.xml file with a text editor.
  10. In the file, locate the following line of code:
    < a href="/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/TicketActions/view?ticket=$2" target="_top >$1$2 < /a >
  11. Change:
    < a href="/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/... < /a >
    < a href=" < /a >
    where YourHostName is the hostname or IP address and port of the system that hosts your Web Help Desk software.
    If you enter an IP address and port, the syntax would be:
    < a href="http://< ip_address >:< port >/helpdesk/WebObjects/Helpdesk.woa/wa/... < /a >
  12. Save and close the file. 
  13. Using your archive software, zip the folder into an archive file with a .zip extension.
    For example:
  14. Rename the file as a jar file again, whd-web.jar
  15. Close your File Explorer window.
  16. Restart Web Help Desk
    Your Web Help Desk hostname (or IP address and port) is now hardcoded in all ticket note hyperlinks.
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