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Ticket Chart widget displays a warning message

Updated 11/8/16


When you create and save a ticket chart widget, a warning message displays within 15 seconds. This issue can occur when you create a ticket chart widget that includes one of the following categories:

  • Alert level
  • Alert condition
  • On-time status
  • First-call resolution


  • WHD 12.5 and later


If the data cannot be processed and displayed in the widget within 15 seconds, the process times out and Web Help Desk generates a warning message.


Create and save a search query that minimizes your search results to a targeted set of qualifiers. When you are finished, add the search query to your ticket chart widget. This process reduces the amount of time required to process the widget data and generate a ticket chart widget graph within 15 seconds. 

Create a search query

  1. On the top toolbar, click Tickets.
  2. On the second toolbar, click Search Tickets.
  3. Click the Advanced Search tab.
  4. Specify the conditions that the ticket must meet, starting from the left and continuing to the right. Click + in the ALL or ANY sections to add additional conditions.

    Every condition specified in the ALL group must be met for a ticket to be found. These conditions are evaluated with a Boolean AND operator.

    Additionally, at least one condition specified in the ANY group must be met for a ticket to be found. These conditions are evaluated with a Boolean OR operator.

  5. Enter conditions in either or both groups.
  6. Save the query so you can access it from the widget configuration window.
  7. Enter a name in the Save Query as field.
  8. Select Shared to make the query available to other techs.
  9. Click Save.

Add the search query to your ticket chart widget

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets > Dashboard.
  2. In the dashboard, click Open Widget Drawer.
  3. Select Ticket Chart Widget.

    A preview of the widget displays.

  4. Click and drag the widget header to the dashboard. 
  5. Resize the widget to your desired size.
  6. Click the drop-down menu and select Options.
  7. Click the Query drop-down menu and select your saved query.
  8. Select the remaining chart options, and then click Save. 


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