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Move WHD from one server to another for 11.0.7 and 11.0.8

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Updated October 24, 2016


This article provides Information on moving the WHD from one server to another.


WHD versions 11.0.7 and 11.0.8


WARNING: Create a backup of your database before anything and make sure to stop your current WHD instance BEFORE connecting your new WHD instance.


Note: Be sure that the bit versions of WHD and the OS are the same as the current server.

  • If you are setting up your WHD database with the same setting in your configuration folder: C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf is a (or there should be) that file holds the connection settings to your DB.
  • If you are wanting to set up a new WHD database differently on the new installation I would install the new instance of WHD and before placing the old conf folder in the new install I would copy the file from the fresh install and replace the file in the old conf file with that new one.
  • Just to be safe. Copy or back up the entire C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk folder of your current WHD installation. Install the WHD on your new server and then move over that conf folder to the new server, placing it in the same location C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf.
  • You must STOP your current version of WHD BEFORE connecting the new WHD to the DB as this could cause as issue if both are connected at the same time.
  • This should be all that your need to do.



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