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Locate the sending and receiving email addresses in a Web Help Desk ticket

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This article describes how to determine the sending and receiving email addresses in a ticket.


WHD 12.x


You can check how the ticket is created (including email addresses) in the Ticket History:


  1. Click Tickets in the toolbar, and then select the targeted ticket. 
  2. Scroll down to History.
  3. Click more to see all actions.

    An envelope icon indicates the ticket was created from an email. Hover the mouse arrow over the icon to see the originating email address used to create the ticket. 

  4. Click Setup > E-Mail  > Incoming Mail Accounts to locate the email account that created the ticket.
  5. Click the account name,
  6. Select the E-Mail History tab.
  7. Enter your search criteria to narrow the results to a specific time period, and click Submit.
    The results appear on your screen.

    If you click on the number of received emails, you will get a list of emails. From here, you can locate the specific emails and their headers.
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