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Java heap space error displays in the Web Help Desk Admin Console


The Web Help Desk email response rate deteriorates and the following error message displays in the Web Help Desk Admin Console: 



  • All Web Help Desk versions (Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux) 


Insufficient Java Virtual Machine (JVM) memory allocated to Web Help Desk.


  1. Calculate the memory allocation for your deployment.
  2. Increase the JVM memory allocated to Web Help Desk.

By default, Web Help Desk is allocated 512 MB of memory for the Java Virtual Machine Heap Space.

Calculate the memory allocation

To configure an appropriate amount of memory for your deployment, use the following formula:

  1. Assign 3 GB (for the first 10 technicians)
  2. Add 1 GB for every 10 additional technicians

Using the example of 20 concurrent techs MAXIMUM_MEMORY setting should be:


3072 +1024 = 4096 or 4 GB

Due to the 32-bit Java memory limitations (1500 MB maximum heap size), you must be running Web Help Desk 64-bit for deployments that require 20 or more simultaneous users.

Increase the JVM memory allocated to Web Help Desk

  1. Log in to the Web Help Desk server as an administrator.
  2. Stop Web Help Desk.
  3. Open the Web Help Desk installation directory.
    Apple® OS X: Library\WebHelpDesk\conf
    Microsoft® Windows®*:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf
    Linux: /usr/local/webhelpdesk/conf
  4. Open the whd.conf file in a text editor (such as Notepad)
  5. Locate the MAXIMUM_MEMORY configuration setting.
  6. Update the setting value based on your memory calculations.
  7. Save and close the file. 
  8. Start Web Help Desk


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