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How to export all asset data to an Excel spreadsheet

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This article describes how to export your asset data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. 


  • WHD 12.3 and later


  1. Start Web Help Desk.
  2. In the toolbar, click Assets.
  3. In the Assets screen, press <Shift> and click the checkbox in the asset header. 

    The checkbox turns Green and selects all items in the asset list. 

  4. Click Excel.
  5. Save the Asset_export.xls file to your hard drive or other location.


Connections may timeout if exporting large quantities of assets (for example, 30,000 assets). If so, try exporting assets in batches. In WHD 12.6, a flag was added to the Casper 9 plugin to resolve the timeout, as configured in the VM options section of wrapper.template.conf. The default value is 10,000 milliseconds.

Here are the JVM arguments for the flag:

  • Windows:<value>
  • Linux, Mac: JAVA_OPTS="-DWHDCasperReadTimeout=<value>"


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