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Home > Success Center > Web Help Desk (WHD) > WHD - Knowledgebase Articles > De-escalate a ticket in Web Help Desk version 12.0.1 or earlier

De-escalate a ticket in Web Help Desk version 12.0.1 or earlier


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when a ticket cannot be reverted back to a lower or original level once it has been escalated to Tech group.


WHD version 12.0.1 and earlier


The following is a workaround:


1. Open the WHD Web Console, and then click Tickets.

2. Click the target ticket that needs to be de-escalated, and click Ticket Details to open.

The Details section shows information such as the Tech Group, and the level. 

In the example below, the Tech Group level is escalated to IT Desktop Support Group Manager:


descalate tic.jpg


3. Change the Request Type that is associated to a different Tech Group. For example, IT Request to HR Request

Note: Do not change anything else.   

This will reset the Tech Group level to the newly selected request type default Tech Group.

If you select a different request type, but associated to the same tech group (that needs to be de-escalated), the level will not be reset, therefore it is important to select a request type that is associated to a different tech group.

4. Once it has reset, re-select the original Request Type. For example, HR Request to IT Request. 


The Tech Group should now reflect the original lower tech group level. 

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