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Invalid download link error when viewing ticket attachments

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Issue: Unable to open/view any type of files, that are attached as links to a Web Help Desk (WHD) ticket. One of these errors occur:


[file name]
Invalid download link.

Cause: Number of allowed simultaneous database connections might be too high.

Resolution: Number of simultaneous database connections are set in whd.conf file, which is available in WHD installation folder. You can lower the number of connections by doing the following:

1. Go to > C:\Program Files\WebHelpDesk\conf 

2. Open whd.conf file in Notepad and go to > 'Database Connections' section. Sample 'whd.conf' is shown below:


db conn1.jpg

3. Lower the number of in: DATABASE_CONNECTIONS., For e.g., in the above sample:

DATABASE_CONNECTIONS=75, you could lower the number of database connections to 25.

4. Now, resend the ticket email, that has the attachment, the links will open.

Last modified
15:01, 13 Nov 2015