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Integration limitation between WHD and DameWare, and other SolarWinds products


Through integration, DameWare can initiate connection directly from a WHD ticket or Asset. This functionality allows the user to save remote session details into an existing Ticket or by creating a new Ticket.This integration also enables the user to save DameWare screenshots and chat histories into WHD tickets for later use.

For additional information, refer to Integrating DameWare with Web Help Desk. 

Apart from DameWare, WHD can also be integrated to the following SolarWinds Products and their corresponding versions.

Supported Product   Version
SolarWinds Orion Core   2012.2 and later
Network Performance Monitor (NPM)   10.4 and later
Server and Application Monitor (SAM)   5.5 and later
Network Configuration Monitor (NCM)    7.1.1 and later

Note: SAM and NCM must be running with NPM to integrate with WHD.


The following is an example of a DameWare and WHD integration:

  • DameWare v11.0 and WHD v12.1.0 are installed on the same machine.
  • WHD is using Apache TomCat as an http engine and is using port 443.
  • DameWare is using http.sys (basically IIS engine) and is also using port 443.

Issue: DameWare can run on the machine where IIS is working but two different engines cannot bind the same port on the same IP address. Dameware cannot share a single port (in this case 443) with WHD on the same interface. As a default, it will block 443 so WHD cannot run and start default port (443).


All WHD versions


Perform any of the following as a workaround to the limitation:
  • Run WHD using https on another port. For example: on port 444. Web Help Desk and DameWare will work when using different ports.
  • Web Help Desk and DameWare can both use the same port, but should be on different IP addresses or network interfaces.
    Note: If WHD does not start due to certificate errors, generate a new one using the instructions in Using SSL Certificates in Web Help Desk.  
  • DameWare proxy and WHD server are installed on different machines.
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04:41, 23 Jun 2016