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How to change the default password for Web Help Desk for Virtual Machine

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Updated June 9, 2017


This articles provides steps for changing the default password on Web Help Desk for Virtual Machines.


  • Web Help Desk for Virtual Machines, all versions


If you need assistance in making this change, please contact customer support. This will not affect your Web Help Desk administrative password / permissions.

  1. From the virtual server host, open the console of the WHD Virtual Appliance, select “Login” and then “Enter”.
  2. When prompted, enter the username “admin”, and the account password (the default account password is admin unless you have changed it).
  3. When logged in as admin, type the command: “sudo passwd”.
  4. When prompted, enter a new root password.
  5. To confirm the change, type: “su –“. This will prompt you for the root password (it may take a few seconds to login).
  6. Enter your new password, and confirm you can log in as root.
  7. After confirming the password has been updated, logout.




Last modified
10:00, 9 Jun 2017