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Failed Web Help Desk v12.0.0 upgrade on Windows 2008

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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When you try to upgrade an embedded FrontBase Web Help Desk (WHD) v11.x.x installation to WHD v12.0.0, the upgrade installation stalls and does not complete. This issue occurs on Windows 2008.


A likely cause for this issue is that you did not run the installer with administrator privileges. To do this before starting the installation, right-click the installer and select Run as Administrator.


Follow these instructions to fix a failed WHD upgrade on Windows 2008:

Note: These instructions assume you were using an embedded FrontBase database.
  1. In your web help desk directory, copy the following:


    <web_helpdesk>/FrontBase4/Backups/</web_helpdesk> (Optional)


  2. Copy the complete web help desk folder to your desktop also uninstall your web help desk completely.

    Note: Make sure whenever starting or stopping Web Help Desk and when running the installers to right click on the installer and select Run as Administrator.

  3. Uninstall WHD v12.0.0 from the server.
  4. Install version 11.x.x, doing a fresh clean install and logging in as admin/admin.

  5. After installation completes, shut down WHD.

  6. Shut down the FrontBase database service, using Windows Services took to stop the database.

  7. Delete all three files in /FrontBase4/Databases/.

  8. Copy the file whd.fb from your desktop into /FrontBase4/Databases/.

  9. Start the FrontBase embedded database service and then restart Web Help Desk.

  10. When WHD is running, log in and make sure you have all your tickets and settings.

  11. After confirming everything is in place, shut down WHD.

  12. Run the WHD v12.0.0 installer by right-clicking it and selecting Run as Administrator.

  13. Ensure the installer is upgrading to the same folder as your current 11.x.x installation. The installation should default to this location.

  14. Let the installer upgrade the application and your database, as per the instructions in the SolarWinds Web Help Desk Administrator Guide.


Copy whd.fb file from your desktop into/FrontBase4/Databases/

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