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FAQs fail to load after upgrading to WHD 12.4.0

Created by Caroline Musindi, last modified by Verwin Ubana on Dec 04, 2016

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When you start Web Help Desk and click FAQs in the toolbar, the FAQ module fails and generates an error. 


  • WHD 12.4.0


The Web Help Desk installer fails to remove outdated Apache® Tomcat libraries during the Web Help Desk 12.4.0 upgrade. This problem occurs when you upgrade to v12.4.0 from a release prior to v12.0.0. 


Perform the following steps on your Web Help Desk system:

  1. Log in to your Web Help Desk system as an administrator. 
  2. Stop Web Help Desk by Navigate to your <WebHelpDesk> directory.
    1. <WebHelpDesk>\bin\

  3. Ensure that the ecj-4.4.2.jar file is in the directory.

  4. Remove the following files from the \lib directory (if available):
    • ecj-3.7.2.jar
    • ecj-4.2.1.jar
    • ecj-4.4.jar
  5. Start Web Help Desk. 
    1. Navigate to your <WebHelpDesk> directory.

    2. Double-click whd_start.bat

    3. command prompt will open. 

    4. STOP and START whd.bat using this command

whd.bat stop

whd.bat start


  1. In the toolbar, click FAQs.

  2. Ensure that your FAQs appear on your screen with no error messages. 

    The resolution is completed. 

See the WHD Upgrade Guide for information about upgrading your deployment to v12.0.0 and later. 




Last modified
14:59, 4 Dec 2016