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Create action rules triggered by keywords in the email subject

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You can create custom action to set severity/urgency via email by creating an 'Action Rules' In the Web Help Desk (WHD) application. To set up Action Rules:

1. Open WHD webconsole > Setup > Processes > Action Rules.
2. Define the action rule by entering relevant details in 'Action Rule Info', 'Criteria' & 'Actions' tab.


Set the Priority for your tickets based on a keyword in the 'Subject' field of a ticket email, by using an Action Rule in WHD.

1. In the Action Rules Info tab, make the selections as shown in the screen given below:


2. In the 'Criteria' tab > Tickets matching All of these conditions> make the selections as shown below:


3.Once the Criteria is set, you can use the 'Actions' tab of an Action Rule to modify the ticket's Priority using the "Modify Ticket" drop-down on the Actions tab for this Action Rule.


4. Click 'Save'. Now, the tickets will be validated against this rule automatically and whenever the action criteria is met, the defined action occurs.

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14:59, 13 Nov 2015