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Configure WHD to integrate with Absolute Manager (LANrev)

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To synchronize with an Absolute Manage service running on a different server than that on which Web Help Desk is running, Absolute Manage must be configured to export through ODBC to a MySQL database. You can then configure an Absolute Manage Discovery Connection in the Web Help Desk that connects to this MySQL database.

For instructions on setting up the ODBC export, see the Absolute Manage ODBC Export Guide, which is available through the Absolute Manage Resource Center. This site requires you to login with your product serial number and the last four digits of your activation key.


  • Mac OS X Server includes a MySQL installation. It can be enabled with the Server Admin utility. To configure an Absolute Manage account in the MySQL database, you can use the MySQLWorkbench application, or use Sequel Pro.
  • MySQL Connector/ODBC binaries are no longer provided for Mac OS X. You can build them from source or download them from the MySQL archives.
  • The ODBC Administrator utility is not included with Mac OS X 10.6 or later. It can be downloaded from

Once you have Absolute Manage configured to export to a MySQL database, you simply log into the Web Help Desk and create a new Discovery Connection at Setup > Assets > Discovery Connections. After selecting Absolute Manage for the Discovery Connection type, you will be prompted to provide the MySQL database name, port (3306 by default), username, and password. These will match the settings you entered when configuring the MySQL database (above).

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