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Change the frequency that Web Help Desk checks emails

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To change the frequency with which WHD requests for email connections, add a delay between each accounts as it checks for mails.

For Mac and Linux:

Locate the whd.conf file. This file may be located in /WebHelpdesk/conf or Library>WebHelpdesk>Conf.

Set JAVA_OPTS="-DWHDDaemonInterval.EmailDaemon=n"

Where, n is the interval in seconds between checks for an incoming ticket email.The default value is 60 seconds and the minimum value is 15 seconds.

For Windows:

1. Go to <web>/bin/wrapper/conf/</web> and open the wrapper_template.conf file using a text editor, such as Notepad.

2. Add the following line in the # Java Additional Parameters section of that file making 16 the next sequential number in the list.

3. Restart Web Help Desk for the changes to take effect.

   Note: Right-click and run as administrator when stopping and starting the program.No headers

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14:59, 13 Nov 2015