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Change the dashboard refresh intervals

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Updated October 25, 2016


This article explains how to change the dashboard refresh intervals.


All WHD versions



  • To change the dashboard refresh interval, you must make a change to all 3 of the dashboard.js files in the system.
  • The webhelpdesk service should be stopped before editing the files.
  • Do a Stop and Start of the WHD service from Start Menu > All Programs > Web Help Desk (In windows 2008+ make sure to right click and Run as Administrator).
    Note: Do not restart it from the services.msc.


  1. Open the following files:
  2. Look for the lines containing " refreshInterval: "
  3. Change the value. For example, "refreshInterval: (1000 * 60 * 5)"
  4. Start the webhelpdesk service again.


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17:23, 24 Oct 2016



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