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VoIP and Network Quality Manager 4.5 Release Notes


Last updated: May 31, 2018

These release notes for VNQM 4.5 describe the new features, improvements, and fixed issues in this release. They also provide information about upgrades and describe work-arounds for known issues.

For VNQM environment requirements, see VNQM 4.5 Recommended System Requirements.

New features and improvements in VNQM 4.5

Read this section for descriptions of the new features and improvements VNQM offers in this release, or compare VNQM 4.5 with previous releases of VNQM.

VNQM 4.5 is an Orion Platform product, and it runs on Orion Platform 2018.2.

VNQM supports Cisco SIP Trunk Monitoring

VNQM now supports Cisco SIP Trunk Monitoring. The CallManager view contains a new widget that lists all available trunks on the CallManager. Clicking the CallManager name, takes you to the CallManager Details view which provides two new widgets for Cisco SIP Trunk Monitoring - the SIP Trunk Details widget and the SIP Trunk Destinations widget. The widget also contains three new charts for Trunk Availability, audio call activity, and video call activity.

Cisco SIP Trunk Monitoring in PerfStack

The Performance Analysis charts (PerfStack) in the Orion Web Console now provide resources for Cisco SIP Trunk Monitoring. Metrics are provided for real time Call Activity. The chart displays statistics for the following:

  • Active calls
  • Attempted calls
  • Completed calls
  • Calls in progress

Another new widget in PerfStack is the SIP Trunk Availability. Clicking the name of the trunk takes you to the SIP Trunk Availability details page.

Reports and alerts for Cisco SIP Trunk Monitoring

VNQM now provides new out of the box reports and alerts for SIP Trunk statistics. The SIP Availability report provides statistics for the last 7 days, this month, and the previous month. The new SIP Trunk alert informs the user when the SIP Trunk is down.

New features and improvements in Orion Platform 2018.2

Scale improvements

  • Support for 100 Additional Polling Engines in a single instance (400% increase over previous releases)
  • Support monitoring up to 400,000 elements in a single instance (4 x more than in previous releases)

» Learn more

Load Average metrics collected from Linux-based devices

When polling CPU & Memory with the Orion agent, selected metrics are available for alerts, alert variables, charts, reports, PerfStack(TM), and SWIS.

» Learn more

Improved group member statistics

Use the new metric showing group availability by averaging the availability of the internal group members instead of using the status of the entire group. You can use this metric in a new widget, in alerts, reports, and in PerfStack dashboards.

 » Learn more

Orion Maps

Orion Maps is an is an advanced troubleshooting tool that provides a contextual and graphical portrayal of an entity and its critical relationships, including routers, switches, servers, interfaces, volumes, and groups. It visualizes physical and logical relationships between entities, leveraging Network Performance Monitor’s Topology, Server & Application Monitor Application Dependencies, and other relationship information to quickly isolate and identify critical health and performance issues easily.

 » Learn more

PerfStack widget

Add saved Performance Analysis project to any view as a widget. Just click the Edit view icon > Add widgets, search for the project name, and drag the widget to its position.

 » Learn more

Other improvements

  • For modules that monitor UPS power supplies, UPS monitoring for APC (American Power Conversion) SmartUPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies containing Network Management cards.
  • Updated popovers:
    • Up to five custom properties can be configured to display in node popovers
  • Updated SolarWinds Orion Installer with improved scalability engine installation experience
  • Added support for over 70 vendors and 5000 devices.
    • Added support for Apresia (CPU, memory, icon, MIBs for traps and Huawei devices (CPU and memory)
    • SNMPv3 support for Huawei and other RFC3414 devices
  • Support Orion cloud deployment in Amazon EC2 and Azure VM
  • Support for utilizing Amazon RDS for Orion Database
  • Orion Platform modules no longer require MSDTC
  • Modules no longer require TLS 1.0 or 1.1 be enabled on the Orion Server
  • Microsoft Device Guard Support (all binaries properly signed)

New customer installation

For information about installing VNQM 4.5, see SolarWinds Orion Installer.

Before you upgrade!

If you are upgrading from a previous version, be aware of the following considerations:

  • Review the deprecation notices.
  • Always use the Product Upgrade Advisor to build your upgrade path.
  • Check your port requirements between versions. RabbitMQ messaging was added, and the new ports may show up in a port scanner.
  • When upgrading to VNQM 4.5, if you added a site binding to a host name before you upgrade, you must bind the Orion Web Console to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). See this article.

  • When upgrading to VNQM 4.5 with custom menus, you cannot see the Performance Dashboard link in the menu. For details, see this article.

  • When upgrading on the Additional Poller, you may receive this error " The license we have for Orion Scalability Engine is outdated". See this article for details to resolve.

  • For more information about upgrading SolarWinds VNQM, see SolarWinds Orion Installer.

How to upgrade

If you are upgrading from VNQM 4.4 or later, use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, use the following resources to plan and implement an upgrade to VNQM 4.4. Then use the SolarWinds Orion Installer to complete the upgrade.

Fixed issues in VNQM 4.5

VNQM 4.5 fixes the following issues.

Case number Description


You are able to add or remove nodes from the VoIP infrastructure.


IP SLA operations status no longer switches to Unknown on a Cisco router.


CLI tests no longer fail and VoIP Gateway devices can be added to VNQM.


The Failed Calls Summary chart updates automatically.


Clicking on Alerts notifications no longer loads an error page, and users are able to view all Orion alerts.
When a non-admin user drills down into operations from the IP SLA Health Overview view, limitations set by admin users are no longer ignored.


CDR/CMR records can be downloaded.


Issues with IP SLA Operations wizard. Scanning the nodes to automatically add the IP SLA operations no longer fails. When the users were entering IP SLA operations values manually, the wizard completed with less than 16 operations listed,but in case of more operations, the wizard stopped.

When the user searches for call data for the last hour, filtering out successful and MOS range, Search results now list all calls.

MOS records are sent and they show up in VNQM.


After the user upgrades VNQM, triggers conditions are no longer missing.


Users are able to delete an unused additional polling engine from Orion.
Fixed issues with Alert variables.


Orion Module Engine Service stops shutting down.


In the NOC view, the VNQM Summary and World Map views refresh as the pages cycle.


VNQM doesn't ignore Single Group limitations on the account.


The VNQM service is no longer down.


VNQM no longer causes the Orion Module Engine to restart.


VNQM shows accurate readings of gateway circuit utilization.


CallManager shows all licensed or supported IP phones, when the license is unlimited.


VNQM displays MOS, Jitter, or Latency values for all calls.


All IOS  devices create IP SLA commands.


VNQM filters by Group.


Orion can generate IP SLA on Cisco ISR 4351.


The VoIP Call Manager resource on the VNQM Summary page respects all account limitations.

Fixed issues in Orion Platform 2018.2

Orion Platform 2018.2 fixes the following issues.

Case number Description


AppStack respects single group limitations.

1144272, 1176440,
1191598, 1197682

When the Orion Web Console is configured to use client certificate authentication, menu items are displayed correctly.

00066337,00061508, 00061508, 00055119

During the upgrade, website files are not overwritten.


The SQL performance is not affected by excessive reads.

1171110, 1186153

SHA1 certificate is not used anymore.


Orion Platform correctly executes repeated alert actions.

1336581, 00076562

Audit events are generated correctly.


Queries with Datetime are executed correctly

948689, 952451,
1066295, 1257968

Active alert resources respect view limitations based on Group Name Pattern or Group of Groups.

1092588, 1037529, 1260477, 1013431

Alerting actions trigger without delay.

00036699, 00025363

You can close ServiceNow tickets in ServiceNow. Closing a ServiceNow ticket stops sending Orion alerts for the issue.

1168389, 1173705, 1221600, 1120837,


You can add interfaces and volumes on agent-polled nodes or nodes that are found twice to the Discovery Ignore List.


Syslogs and Traps views are displayed correctly if you have devices with the same MachineTypes, each MachineType with different special characters.


External processes start successfully when the username has the format user@domain.

1355539, 1311390

The JobEngine service runs without issues, and performance data is updated on devices.

1089413, 1101096

Child elements of a storage array respect user limitations of the parent array.

1082086, 959170

The security issue with the OpenSSL library in Orion Platform products is resolved.

1163039, 1109011, 1148640, 1179830, 1161572

New custom properties are displayed without issues when inserting variables into alerts.


View limitations are applied correctly in the hardware Health Overview widget.

1094540, 1224160

When creating groups, the Search by Node IP address works correctly.


Using Advanced Database Queries in reports works without issues.

00022780, 00032805, 1130747, 1125894

Custom chart resources display correctly.

1104961, 1238351, 1150263, 1273370, 1338333

QoE/DPI does not excessively affect the performance of the Orion Web Console.

00018883, 1334323, 1355867, 1365779, 1359469

Custom properties show on maps without issues.


The readme for offline help files is correct.


Node validation issues with SNMPv3 columns are resolved.

1108733, 1357345, 1197953, 1174828

ServiceNow field is now displayed as a text box.

876639, 889594, 920136, 1102219, 1358660

Custom charts show only the number of top records configured in the Show only limited number of top records.


Latitudes and longitudes with a trailing 0 are displayed correctly on the WorldMap.

00036038, 00023095

The alerting service is working without issues.


SilverPeak devices are displayed correctly.

00053297, 1357894, 1361734

After the upgrade, user graphics are displayed correctly in the Network Atlas.


Credentials cache is disabled by default.


ServiceNow integration: The Contact type field provides correct values, and new tickets are created instead of reactivations.

1166495, 1188140, 1193919

The Credentials manager can support over 1,000 credentials.


Database maintenance retains dependencies between discovery profiles and found nodes.


Mount point disks are polled correctly when the node is an agent.


Alert macros using variables work correctly.

00021978, 808735, 1185765, 1232236

SWQL queries with long alert conditions are displayed correctly.

00022839, 1279384, 1325433, 1273022

SQL queries in send email actions are parsed correctly.

1336787, 00049928

You can integrate DPA into Orion using Windows SQL authentication.

1243055, 1258332, 1259100, 1273347, 1283616

Mount points on WMI nodes are monitored correctly.


A custom report resource retrieving a large amount of data displays without issues.


A new alert for groups based on MemberAvailability is available out-of-the-box.


The Configuration wizard completes successfully when the IP address is used in binding.


When configuring mail recipient actions, you can use more than one macros.

1233991, 1209460

After restarting the alerting service v2, old macros work without issues.


XSS vulnerability in the Message Center and in Details views has been resolved.


Limitations on views and resources work correctly.


Issues with receiving bad traps have been resolved.


ServiceNow integration now reflects inactive choices..

1243201, 1265030, 1241747, 1265030

After upgrading the Orion Platform, Configuration wizard completes successfully.

1234343, 1162526, 1347668, 1154095, 1234837, 1243148, 1263062

Mandatory custom properties are required.


Reports with duplicated charts initialize correctly.


When uninstalling Orion Platform products, Configuration wizard completes without issues.

1166270, 1174828, 1180967, 1207039

ServiceNow integration: issues with state and incident state have been resolved.


ServiceNow integration: the Contact type field references the correct field, and the Orion Platform correctly opens new tickets.


When editing custom properties, you can add notes and links without issues.

1243971, 1319151, 1243971, 1184410, 1178884, 1194514

Orion Web Console displays in one language.

00052045, 1321106

${N=SwisEntity;M=DetailsUrl} variable returns the correct value from the OrioWebServerAddress settings.

1155599, 1185495

PDF formatting issues when using third party engines have been resolved.

1149359, 1181261

Alert actions requiring executing external programs or VB scripts work without issues for non-built-in domain Administrator users.


Searching in the Action Manager returns correct results.

00034880, 1224826, 1356370, 1357396

Settings for an AD account are stored in the Orion Web Console even after the user logs out.

1191301, 1187591, 1329563, 1337451

Orion certificates are upgraded from sha1 to sha256.

00010367, 00068806, 00060064, 1365612, 1363354, 00060064

When displaying the Message Center page in the Orion Web Console, the memory utilization in SWIS is appropriate.


ServiceNow integration: Incidents closed based on events do not reopen incorrectly.

00050141, 00057324, 00032910, 00053703

The vulnerability towards the ROBOT attack has been addressed.


Inappropriate error messages in the Orion Web Console do not appear.

1197522, 1356174, 1202106

When a dependency is corrupted, valid dependencies display in the Dependency widgets and views.

1194193, 1240374

The OrionServers table is updated from the main polling engine server.

1356961, 00019305, 00056252, 00068463, 1197497, 1232325, 00042222, 1126690

The SWIS subscription link from an additional polling engine to the main polling engine is working correctly.


Performance Analysis queries NPM tables only if you have NPM installed.

Deprecation notices

This version deprecates the following hardware, software, and features. 

Deprecation indicates that the feature should be avoided. Deprecated features remain in the software, but will be removed in a future release. Customizations applied to a deprecated feature may not be migrated if a new feature replaces the deprecated one.

Type Deprecation
Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2 This software is deprecated as of this release. Although you can install Orion Platform 2018.2 products on Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 are deprecated and will not be supported in future versions of the Orion Platform. SolarWinds strongly recommends that you upgrade your operating system to Windows Server 2016 or later at your earliest convenience.
SQL Server 2012 This software is deprecated as of this release. Although you can use SQL Server 2012 with Orion Platform 2018.2 products, this version is deprecated and will not be supported on future versions of the Orion Platform. SolarWinds strongly recommends that you upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2017, or later at your earliest convenience.
All Active Alerts resource

The current  All Active Alerts resources is deprecated. The resource is replaced with a new, enhanced widget. You can continue to use the deprecated, legacy resource.

Pre-configured resources

(Availability, Min/Max/Average, Percent Loss, etc.)

Most pre-configured resources are deprecated as of this release. The resources will be compressed into single, configurable widget in a future release.
Last XX resources Pre-configured Last XX resources are deprecated as of this release. They will be replaced with a single, configurable widget in a future release.
Managed Nodes

The current Managed Nodes page is deprecated as of this release. A new version is available, but you can continue to use the legacy page.

SolarWinds recommends migrating to the new Managed Nodes page at your earliest convenience.

Customize Views  The Customize View page is deprecated as of this release. Functionality is migrating to the Customize Page feature.

Search resources

(legacy search, search on thwack, search for nodes, etc.)

All search resources are deprecated as of this release. Use the integrated search in the global navigation.

Legal notices

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