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Configuring VNQM

Updated June 10th, 2016 

If you want to monitor your VoIP and IP SLA infrastructure, define what you want to monitor:

  1. Discover the nodes you want to monitor and add them into the database:
    1. Discover your nodes
    2. Add nodes to the VNQM database
  2. Decide what you want to monitor and define the appropriate settings:

    Call Managers

    To monitor your call manager devices with VNQM, you must add the devices to VNQM as Call Manager nodes. For more information, see Monitoring Call Manager Health.


    To monitor PRI trunk utilization of your gateway devices, add them to VNQM as Gateways. For more information, see Adding gateways.

    IP SLA operations

    To use IP SLA operations for monitoring your network, add the devices hosting IP SLA operations to VNQMas IP SLA nodes and add appropriate operations. For more information, see Creating an IP SLA operation and Adding IP SLA-capable nodes manually.

    VoIP Infrastructure

    You can define the devices whose status you want to monitor in the VoIP Infrastructure resource. For more information, see Selecting SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager infrastructure.

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