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SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager Installation Guide

Supported Version: SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM) 4.4

SolarWinds VNQM monitors performance of IP-based services and applications, including but not limited to:

  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Web/data conferencing
  • Instant messaging

This guide supports the following product installation scenarios:

  • Stand-alone installation
  • Integrated with the Orion Platform
  • Evaluation installation

Stand-alone installation

For a stand-alone installation of SolarWinds VNQM, install the product on a dedicated server. This installation assumes you have not installed any other SolarWinds Orion Platform products on the target server.


Integrated with the Orion Platform

SolarWinds VNQM supports an integrated installation into an existing Orion Platform. For this installation, you may install the SolarWinds VNQM on the Orion server, to connect to the Orion SQL database. As part of this installation, verify if installed products need to be upgraded prior to installing SolarWinds VNQM. If your environment uses SolarWinds High Availability, follow the additional instructions as part of the installation.


Evaluation installation

SolarWinds VNQM supports an evaluation installation with a trial period. This installation is a full installation of the product with a 30-day license. To continue with a full product license, contact SolarWinds Sales.


The following terms provide context for the architecture and components of SolarWinds products.

Orion Platform: The common backend platform used by the Solarwinds Orion suite of products, including NPM, SAM, NCM, NTA, and more. The platform provides the backbone for navigation, settings, and common features like alerts and reports. It also provides a consistent look-and-feel across products, giving you a “single pane of glass” for your Orion monitoring tools.

Orion Web Console: The web interface you see when you log in to Orion that is used to view, configure, and manage all of your monitored objects.

Orion Application Server: A Windows server that runs the Orion Web Console and collects data from monitored objects. Also called the Orion Main Poller.

Orion Database Server: A Windows SQL server that should be hosted on a dedicated server in a production environment, separately from the Orion Application Server. It stores Orion configuration data and all collected performance and syslog data.

Polling Engine (Poller): A polling engine controls polling job scheduling, data processing, and queries your monitored devices for performance metrics such as CPU, memory, and up or down status. Additional Polling Engines can be licensed to provide additional scalability and capacity. By default, the Orion Server provides one polling engine (often referred to as the main polling engine).

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