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VoIP and Network Quality Manager 4.1 Release Notes

Created by Beatrix.Turan, last modified by Alexandra.Nerpasova on Jul 04, 2018

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Updated 8/27/2013

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager (VNQM) v4.1.

Formerly known as VoIP Monitor and IP SLA Manager, VoIP and Network Quality Manager maintains the functionality of previous versions and adds the ability to monitor realtime VoIP calls. VoIP and Network Quality Manager offers extensive monitoring capabilities, presenting detailed realtime and historical statistics, for devices on your Network.


  • If you are installing VoIP and Network Quality Manager with SolarWinds NPM, you must install NPM version 10.5 or later.

New Features and Improvements

VNQM version 4.1 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • VoIP PRI Trunk Utilization Monitoring

    • Real-time VoIP utilization monitoring on Cisco PRI Gateways
    • Detailed Data Distribution UI
    • Trunk Utilization charts
    • Historical VoIP & data utilization statistics for gateways
  • New Gateway Detail View Page

    • Top call quality issues for each gateway
    • List of all failed calls related to a gateway
    • Current percent utilization for each trunk
  • Supported Devices

    • Cisco CallManager version 9 support added
  • Product Integrations

    • Free Integration With Alert Central
      • Alert management
      • Escalation
      • On-call scheduling
    • Network Performance Monitor
      • Seeing real-time device network availability and throughput
      • VoIP and network oriented information on the same view
      • Monitoring of routing protocols
      • Network map
      • » Learn more

Fixed Issues

Issue Case Number
Add another Call Manager to VNQM 283009
Add check about not running Cisco SNMP service -
Call Manager phones: incorrect number of phones in VNQM licensing version 4.1 is not fully supported at this time   373103
HotFix - duplicate phones causing licensing problems -
Primary key constraint on nullable column in table voipoperationresults_details 388144
Deletion of old log files for FTP and AXL jobs - additional poller -
VNQM service stopped and incorrect record times 397725
Events time BD verification -
IP SLA views not working as expected 392626
VNQM issues - exception in events (CDR/CMR bulk insert error) 389643
Error in VoIP Site View page (VNQM 4.0, NPM 10.4) 416396
Operation details not in EST 422592
CUCM addition into VNQM 425359
Missing CMR data in VoIP Search for certain CCMs 432684
SWIS columns of the Date Time type need datetimeKind specification -
Gauges are not accurate 441983
VNQM 4.0.1 website zip file corrupted 444511
IP SLA events displayed in UTC time -

Known Issues

Issue Case Number
Gateway/CallManager Groups cannot be created due to a SWIS URI error. -
VNQM 4.1 does not support managing reports. -
SolarWinds no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7. -
SolarWinds no longer supports SQL Server 2005 Express, Standard, or Enterprise -
Error while upgrading VNQM 4.1 Release Candidates to a higher RC version on Windows 2012.     -


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