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Unable to see quality data for calls in VNQM

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Updated January 23rd, 2018


VNQM polls two types of call details:

  • CDR records contain information about the call source and destination.
  • CMR records contain the call quality details. These details are provided by both endpoints that are involved in a call, you can thus have up to two CMR records for a call: one describing the source endpoint connection quality, the other describing the destination endpoint connection quality.

To see the quality data, you need to have a device which supports CMR:

  • MGCP and SCCP devices typically support CMRs. For these endpoints, you can see the appropriate quality metric values in VNQM.
  • H323 and SIP devices do not support CMRs. For these endpoints, you'll see the the label "unsupported".

So, if one endpoint call supports CMR and the other doesn't, you'll be able to see one CMR record only.


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