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Unable to download CDR/CMRs from (S)FTP server to VNQM

Updated November 29, 2016


Unable to download CDR/CMRs from (S)FTP Server to VNQM.


All VNQM versions


This can occur when the ClusterNname portion of the filename in the FTP directory does not match the ClusterName in the Solarwinds Database.


Call records must be of the following format on the (S)FTP server:


If the ClusterName portion of the file in the (S)FTP directory is not the same as the ClusterName in the VoipCcmMonitoring table of the database, the files will not be downloaded by VNQM


It is not uncommon for the ClusterName on the (S)FTP Server to be StandAloneCluster, this seems to be a Cisco default.


  1. Update Call Managers with the ClusterName to match what is in VNQM.

  2. Restart Call Manager. Once this is done, files will be downloaded correctly by VNQM




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22:35, 23 Mar 2017