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PerfStack displays VoIP SIP Trunk statuses as Orion statuses

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Updated May 11, 2018


This article provides details about the discrepancy in displaying VoIP SIP Trunk statuses in Performance Analysis Dashboards (PerfStack™).


  • VNQM 4.5


VoIP SIP Trunks can have the following statuses:

  • Any (SIP Trunk status = 0)
  • Registered (SIP Trunk status = 1)
  • Unregistered (SIP Trunk status = 2)
  • Rejected (SIP Trunk status = 3)
  • Partially Registered (SIP Trunk status = 4)
  • Unknown (SIP Trunk status = 5)

PerfStack™ uses values Up, Down, Warning, Shutdown, Testing, and Unknown to display Orion statuses. Currently, the PerfStack™ filter treats the SIP Trunk status as an Orion status.

Status ID SIP Trunk status name Orion status name
0 Any Unknown
1 Registered Up
2 Unregistered Down
3 Rejected Warning
4 Partially Registered Shutdown
5 Unknown Testing


In the example below, the status is displayed as Rejected in the CallManager SIP Trunks view, but PerfStack™ displays it as Warning.




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