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No CDR\CMR data being collected due to old Job ID in database


This article discusses an issue when VNQM is not pulling any of the Call Detail Records (CDR) or Call Management Records (CMR) data for Cisco Unified Call Managers from the FTP/SFTP server even when the files are present on the server and the FTP/SFTP server shows VNQM logging into the client.

The steps in this article only pertain to when the Job ID is not refreshing for CDR\CMR collection.


VNQM 4.1 and later


The issue occurs because the registered Job ID in the database has been corrupted or invalid and is constantly being recycled through the job engine. The Job ID will remain in the voipccmftpconnectioninfo table and not be purged out when the next poll interval comes through.


  1. Verify the following:
    • The CDR/CMR files are on the FTP/SFTP server.
    • VNQM has the correct credentials and can connect to the FTP/SFTP server.
    • The CDR/CMR sequence is correct based off the flat file sequences on the FTP/SFTP server.
  2. Run the following query to verify if the Job ID is being refreshed correctly: 
    select currentjobid, currentjobstarttimeutc from voipccmftpconnectioninfo
  3. If the Job ID refreshes correctly every new polling cycle, troubleshoot CDR/CMR collection normally.
  4. If the Job ID doesn't refresh and remains the same through several polling cycles, stop all services.
  5. Run the following queries:
    update voipccmftpconnectioninfo set currentjobid = null
    update voipccmftpconnectioninfo set currentjobstarttimeutc = null
  6. ​Reinstall the Collector service.
  7. Reinstall the Job Engine and Job Engine v2 services.

    The job should now refresh correctly.


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