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CDR/CMR data are associated with the wrong Cisco Call Manager

Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 16, 2016

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VNQM assigns CDR/CMR data to the wrong device.


This is due to monitoring multiple Cisco Call Manager clusters with the same name across multiple clusters.


If possible, all cluster names should be unique. Rename one of the clusters and restart the appropriate Call Manager.

Renaming Clusters

  1. Open Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  2. Select System -> Enterprise Parameters.
  3. Change the Cluster ID. In VNQM, this is called "cluster name". Use a string comprising of max. 50 characters such as A-Z, a-z, 0-9.

 Restarting the Call Manager

  1. Log into Cisco Unified Serviceability on the Call Manager.
  2. Select the Tools drop down and Control Center - Feature Services.
  3. Select Call Manager/Server IP and click Go.
  4. Under CM Services, select Cisco CallManager.
  5. Scroll to bottom and select Restart to restart the service.
  6. Select the Tools drop down and then Control Center - Network Services.
  7. Select Call Manager/Server IP and click Go.
  8. Under Service Name, select Cisco RIS Data Collector.
  9. Scroll to bottom and select Restart to restart the service.

If it is not possible to rename your call manager clusters, create a separate folder on your FTP server so that each device with the same name has its own FTP folder. You must also edit the call manager node in VNQM to associate the device with the correct FTP folder.

For more information about adding FTP servers for call managers, consult the article VoIP & Network Quality Manager - What Do You Need to Know about Call Managers on

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16:27, 16 Jun 2016