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We are having difficulty communicating with the Orion server

Updated March 14, 2017


When trying to access the Recommendations page after upgrading to VMan RC2, the following error is displayed:

We are having difficulty communicating with the Orion server.

Details of the error:

{ "data": { "Message": "Error: A query to the SolarWinds Information Service failed.", "StackTrace": " at Information.DoQuery(String query, String serverName, IDictionary`2 parameters)\r\n at Information.DoQueryWithRetries(String query, String serverName, IDictionary`2 parameters)\r\n at Information.Query(String query)", "ExceptionType": "System.Exception" }, "status": 500, "config": { "method": "POST", "transformRequest": [ null ], "transformResponse": [ null ], "headers": { "Accept": "application/json, text/plain, */*", "Content-Type": "application/json;charset=utf-8" }, "cache": false, "url": "", "data": { "query": "SELECT DataGroupInfo.ID, DataGroupInfo.Type, DataGroupInfo.Name, Recommendations.RecommendationID,\nRecommendations.Priority, Recommendations.RecommendationKind, Batches.Status, Recommendations.Strategy.StrategiesGroupID,\n(CASE WHEN Recommendations.Tags LIKE '%Recommendations.IsNow%' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS IsNow\nFROM Orion.Recommendations.DataGroupInfo AS DataGroupInfo \nINNER JOIN Orion.Recommendations.ActiveRecommendations AS Recommendations ON Recommendations.GroupID = DataGroupInfo.ID \nLEFT JOIN Orion.Recommendations.Batches AS Batches ON Batches.BatchID = Recommendations.BatchID \nLEFT JOIN Orion.Recommendations.Actions AS Actions ON Actions.RecommendationID = Recommendations.RecommendationID AND Actions.Primary = TRUE \n WHERE Batches.BatchID IS NULL ORDER BY Recommendations.Priority ASC, Recommendations.RecommendationKind DESC, IsNow DESC" } }, "statusText": "Internal Server Error" }


  • VIM 7.0.0
  • All VMan versions


Previous version (RC1 or Beta) of Recommendations damaged the database.


Note: Take a backup of your database.

  1. Stop all Orion services using Orion Service Manager.
  2. Using SQL Management Studio login to the database and drop all tables which starting with 'dbo.RE_'. (RE_Actions, RE_BathActions, RE_Recommendations, etc.)
  3. Run Configuration Wizard with Database option - to repair the database.
  4. Wait a while and then check Recommendations.


Last modified
17:49, 13 Mar 2017