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VM Phantom Snapshot Files alert gives false positives

Updated August 10th, 2016


The VM Phantom Snapshot Files alerts is getting false positives. Upon checking Snapshot Manager in VSphere client, you cannot see any snapshots for VM. When browsing the related datastore, you cannot see any snapshot files.


  • VMan 8.2 and older
  • VCenter 6.5 and older


The secondary disk created for VMs match pattern used for detecting snapshots (-\d{6}\.vmdk) is being recognized as a phantom snapshot.


The alert triggers on vmdk files matching pattern '-\d{6}\.vmdk'. This means any files named *-000000.vmdk without the corresponding *.vmsn file is going to trigger the alert as it looks like a phantom snapshot. In your environment, additional disks are named *-000000.vmdk and this has caused alert to trigger.

Note: Snapshot information is gathered every 12 hours and the alert is evaluated after data is gathered.


Our development team are aware of the issue with the phantom alerts. They have worked on a solution to this issue, which will come included in the new release of VMAN later on in the year 2018.


For now, the suggestion is to disable the alert, to stop the false alerts from triggering. Please follow the VMAN release notes closely, as they will state when the issue is fixed.




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