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How VMAN works


Maintaining a virtual or hybrid environment requires using native tools to review mountains of data. Virtualization Manager integrated with the Orion Platform provides intensive metrics gathering and data breakdowns into dashboards and details pages so you can easily evaluate environments and react to issues. Use VMAN to manage your sprawling VM environment through a single console, the Orion Web Console, with account management and direct VM tool capabilities.

Virtualization Manager

The Virtualization Manager (VMAN) appliance connects directly to your vCenters or Hyper-V hosts, clusters, datastores, network, and VMs to collect and provide detailed metrics. Deploy VMAN onto VMware or Hyper-V hosts. VMAN cannot be installed on a Windows system or on the same server with the Orion Platform.

Virtual Infrastructure Monitor

VMAN comes with a full Orion Platform through the installation of the Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (VIM). VMAN provides access to your virtual environment, allowing VIM and the Orion Platform to collect and calculate data, expanding VMAN features such as Recommendations and Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring.

Orion Platform Products

The Orion Platform supports adding additional modules and products to enhance the single pane of glass monitoring. These products include NPM, SAM, SRM, NTA, NCM, WPM, and others.

Standalone VMAN with VIM (Orion Platform)

A full VMAN installation provides a full range of feature to monitor and manage your virtual environment:

  • VMAN Appliance: deployed on a VM to monitor VMware and Hyper-V clusters, hosts, datastores, and virtual machines.
  • VIM (Orion Platform): installed on a dedicated server to provide full Orion Platform functionality and additional VMAN features.

Integrate with an existing Orion Platform

Add additional SolarWinds products to enhance monitoring, management, alerting, and reporting across hybrid environments such as NPM, SAM, SRM, and others. Gain visibility into every level of your resources within each VM, to the application level, and across all devices.

When integrated, the Orion Platform automatically collects and displays virtual environment data. Virtual nodes (vnodes) do not require discovery or management as other nodes in the Orion Web Console. To use discovery, see Discover your network using SolarWinds NPM.


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10:35, 3 Mar 2017