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Install Virtualization Manager

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Updated: 9-13-2017 | VMAN Installation Guide

After you have reviewed the checklist, prepared an Orion server and set up your Orion SQL database server, you are ready to install VMAN. If you are installing into an existing Orion Platform, you just need this installer and the Orion SQL database credentials.

What should I know prior to installing VMAN?

  • Installing VMAN 8.0 and later, you are no longer required to install an appliance. When you install VMAN, it comes with the full Orion Platform and a VMAN Orion poller to perform all monitoring of your virtual and cloud environments. We highly recommend not using the appliance for the best performance and feature set. For existing customers wishing to keep the appliance, see the VMAN 7.2 Installation Guide.
  • For installations into an existing Orion Platform environment, you will install on the Orion server and select the existing Orion SQL database during the Configuration wizard. You will need the location and credentials for the Orion SQL database.

The installation file for VMAN 8.0 and later uses the new Orion Installer. When run, the installer:

  • Provides an easy-to-follow install path. The installer will check for product updates, and updates the installation steps to complete complex upgrades and installations with ease.
  • Runs preflight checks to ensure your environment specifications match the system requirements for selected product installs. If changes are needed, the installer provides guidance for required versions.
  • Detects any installed Orion Platform products and versions for determining instal and upgrade paths.
  • Guides you through each product install and upgrade by providing upgrade paths custom-made for your current environment.
  • Automatically runs the Configuration Wizard as needed after product installs to complete database and configuration tasks.
  • Advises on additional installations for SolarWinds High Availability servers, Additional Polling Engines, and Additional Web Servers.
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