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Configure usage profiles for capacity planning calculations

A usage profile is a group of VMs that use resources. A usage profile considers these primary resource consumption metrics:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Disk space

Click Capacity Planning > Capacity Planner to access and define a usage profile.

  • Click Load to load a usage profile you previously saved.
  • Click Edit to modify the current usage profile.
  • Click Cluster Average to define a usage profile more generally, by specifying all VMs in a cluster.
  • Click All Clusters Avg to define a usage profile more generally, by specifying all VMs in all clusters.

SolarWinds does not recommend creating usage profiles with more than 500 VMs because they can negatively impact performance during capacity planning calculations.

Specify the members of a usage profile

  1. Click Edit on a usage profile.
  2. Specify the members:
    • Create a static list of VMs in the profile.
    • Define a search query for either VMs or clusters to create a dynamic set of members.

      The query is executed real time for all capacity planning operations. The calculations only happen after the query is executed. This means that the details of the average CPU, memory and usage utilization are not displayed in the Edit screen of the usage profile.

  3. Optionally, click Show Container to edit the corresponding resource container.
  4. Save the usage profile.

If you use a cluster, all VMs in that cluster are considered as members of the usage profile, and they are considered when calculating resource utilization.

To get different views of the capacity plan, click the links:

  • Click Capacity to open the utilization graphs that display the actual consumed capacity within the usage profile.
  • Click Consumption to view the dates when the resources will cross the configured warning and outage thresholds. For more information about configuring thresholds, see Customize capacity planning calculations.
  • Click Details to view all the calculations that went into the capacity plan. For more information, see Display the calculations and variables of a capacity plan.
  • Click Scatterplot to view the scatterplot graphs of IOPS.
  • Click Summary to return to the Capacity Planning summary view, which contains an overview of the resource container, the usage profile, and the capacity planning results. If the calculation results are not displayed, click Calculate in the summary view.
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