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Configure system maintenance tasks

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Click Setup > Advanced Setup > System Maintenance, and select an action to enhance, maintain, and troubleshoot Virtualization Manager.

maintenance task result
Run Trends Recalculates trends immediately, outside of the regular maintenance schedule.
Run Depletions Recalculates resource depletion estimates immediately, outside of the regular maintenance schedule.
Clear Job Trackers

Clears the tracking data from the collection summary page. Clear the tracking data if the jobs listed on the summary page are inaccurate.

Clearing the job trackers does not cancel data collection jobs that are running.

Rebuild Indexes

Rebuilds the search indexes. This may take a long time.

While rebuilding, you do not have access to historical data.

Enable Plugin or Disable Plugin

Enables and disables the vSphere 4.0 client plugin.

The plugin adds a SolarWinds menu to the vSphere client that can launch SolarWinds Virtualization Manager modules from vCenter inventory items.

It also adds a SolarWinds option to the Management panel. This option opens Virtualization Manager inside your vSphere client.

This plugin only supports vSphere 4.0 and higher, and only one SolarWinds Virtualization Manager can register this plugin for each vCenter.

Recalculate License Recalculates the license status immediately, outside of the regular maintenance schedule.
Open Orion Web Console Opens the Orion Web Console if the integration with the SolarWinds Orion server is enabled.
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