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Configure system properties

You can edit some of the system properties in Virtualization Manager. However, you should not change the other properties unless you are instructed to by SolarWinds Technical Support.

  1. Click Setup > Advanced Setup > System Properties.
  2. Select the system property to edit, and modify it in the Value column.

After new edits are added, if a restart is required it is indicated in front of the system property.

List of system properties you can edit

system property usage

Active to Stale Interval

Defines the number of hours before a virtual machine goes from Active to Stale state.
Stale to Decommissioned Interval Defines the number of hours before a virtual machine goes from Stale to Decommissioned state.
create.private.content.only Defines whether non-admin users can create content that is world readable and world writable. If set to true, non-admin users can only create private content, but they can still modify world readable and world writable content created by other users.
Days to Retain Raw Performance Data

Defines how long to keep the raw data in the system before removing it.

Every hour, the raw data is consolidated into an hourly value that represents the average of all values in that hour.

Days to Retain Performance Data Hourly Rollups Defines how long to maintain hourly rollup values before removing them. Both of these properties are major components in the disk sizing spreadsheet.
Hourly Interval for Trend Execution Trends run periodically to track historic changes in your environment. Increase or decrease the default value to get more or less granularity in your historic trend data.
Allow Application to Contact SolarWinds SolarWinds Virtualization Manager periodically pulls information from SolarWinds for RSS updates and to deliver usage data. If your installation does not have access to the internet, set this property to false.
collection.vmware.skip_storagepath_samples If the value of this property is set to true, the storagePath related samples will not be collected in a VMware environment. You can turn off the collection of storagePath samples for better performance.

List of properties that may not be edited

system property usage
Resource Depletion Percent Threshold

Defines the default setting (100%) for the resource depletion calculations. If this value is changed, alerts for resource depletion will be created at the specified percentage.

  • fitment.memory.waste
  • How many days to use for Resource Depletion
  • fitment.memory.oversub
Define the default settings for capacity planning. Edit these settings in the capacity planning section of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. See Plan and forecast the capacity requirements of the virtual environment.
Perform DNS Resolution to Validate VMs Defines whether a reverse DNS lookup occurs before collecting data from VM guests. This setting is not recommended.
data.multiplication Used for scalability testing and should never be changed in a deployed system.

To learn more about system properties, see Life cycle of the virtual infrastructure.

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