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Manage Virtualization Manager users

  1. Click Setup > Advanced Setup > Users.
  2. Click Add, and provide the required information:
    • User name
    • Role:
      • User Role
        The user has access to the user side of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.
      • Admin Role
        The user can access both the user and administrator sides of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager.
    • Enabled
      Is the account currently enabled? Disabled accounts cannot log in.
    • Local Authentication
      Accounts with local authentication use the internal authentication of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. LDAP pass-through authentication is used to verify credentials using other sources, such as Active Directory.
    • Password
    • Full name
    • Email
    • Description
  3. Click Save.

Set default dashboards for users

  1. Click Setup > Advanced Setup > Users.
  2. Select a user, and click Set Default Dashboard.
  3. Specify the default dashboard for the user, and click Save.
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