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VMAN 6.3.1 Release Notes

Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Updated 12/23/2015

These release notes provide guidance for SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN) v6.3.1 and Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (IVIM) v2.1.1 Release.

All versions prior to v6.0 and all Windows versions of Virtualization Manager have entered the End-Of-Life (EOL) cycle. View the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.


To determine the correct upgrade path to follow, see this KB article.


As of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.2, the license you have to apply to your product consists of two parts. For detailed instructions about applying the license, see the License Management in Virtualization Manager version 6.2 KB article.


As of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.2, data collection through SSH is removed. Instead of SSH data collection, use the per virtual disk graphs. For the list of graphs that are affected by the removal of SSH data collection, see this KB article.


Important: If you own SolarWinds SAM or SolarWinds NPM, and upgrade them to the latest version, you must also upgrade Virtualization Manager to version 6.3 to avoid compatibility issues. The latest version of SolarWinds SAM is 6.2.2. The latest version of SolarWinds NPM is 11.5.2. For more information, see the related KB article.

Upgrading your Virtualization Manager Appliance and IVIM

You can upgrade to Virtualization Manager v6.3.1 from Virtualization Manager v6.0 or later.

You can upgrade to standalone IVIM v2.1.1 from IVIM v2.0 or IVIM v2.1.

For more information about the upgrade paths and compatibility of SolarWinds products, see Compatibility of SolarWinds Orion Products for Installation and Upgrade.

New Features and Improvements in VMAN v6.3 and IVIM v2.1

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.3 and Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (IVIM) 2.1 include the following new features and improvements:

  • New management actions in the Orion Web Console
    • Ability to migrate a virtual machine to a different host
    • Ability to migrate virtual machine disks to a different datastore or shared cluster volume
    • Ability to change the memory and CPU resources allocated to a virtual machine
    • Ability to delete a virtual machine
    • Ability to unregister virtual machine in a VMware environment
  • Virtualization sprawl management actions in the Orion Web Console
    • Add or remove CPU
    • Add or remove RAM
    • Delete virtual machines
    • Delete orphaned VMDKs
    • Delete snapshots
    • Power off virtual machines
  • Ability to perform VM management actions directly from the resources on the VM Sprawl page.
  • New Orion alert actions that can be performed on virtual machines when an alert is triggered. The available actions include the following:
    • Moving a VM to a different host or storage
    • Managing the snapshots of a VM
    • Managing the power state of a VM
    • Changing the resource allocation of a VM
  • New virtualization resources in the Orion Web Console providing information about virtualization alerts, potential virtualization issues, orphaned VMDKs, and recommendations for improved performance and optimal capacity.

Fixed Issues in VMAN v6.3.1 and IVIM v2.1.1

Issue Case Number
This release contains all the fixes and improvements previously released in Virtualization Manager v6.3 HotFix 1 and 2:
  • Reports are blank after upgrading to Virtualization Manager 6.3.0
  • The login screen of Virtualization Manager is not displayed due to Flash issues.
  • Optional logging of all WMI API calls.
  • WMI timeouts are not handled correctly.
  • The Report Schedules page does not work after upgrading to Virtualization Manager 6.3 if a report with tag was generated before the upgrade.
  • The CPU count is not updated after running a performance job.
  • The basic configuration data processing in sample jobs fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException error when the host CPU count changes.
  • VMware VMs containing "]" in their name cause data collection issues.
  • NullPointerException occurs in a performance job when the datastore is unmounted from the host.
  • Incorrect error message is displayed when a performance job is rejected.
  • Fix that makes the batch size for the FileConfigJob configurable separately and sets the default to 32. This fixes a vSphere 6 sample query limitation.
  • Possibility to perform a search in configuration item names only.
  • Fixes to issues with trend reports.
  • NullPointerException error when processing Hyper-V Cluster Disks.
  • Files are multiplied in Datastore entities for Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes.
  • Fixed Hyper-V host CPU usage/idle graphs.
  • No content is displayed in Trend widgets when MultiTrend Table mode is used.
  • NullPointerException error in VMware collection jobs during the enumeration phase.
  • No CPU samples are collected for Hyper-V VMs if the VM name includes parentheses.
  • Added ability to disable the processing of basic configuration data during performance collection.
  • Missing performance data for VSAN6 datastores.
  • Virtualization Manager unexpectedly stops sending data to the Orion server.
  • The vm.internal.dateCreated attribute now reflects createdate instead of activedate.
  • The Stale VMs report is empty for Hyper-V VMs.
769285, 819394, 824742, 856868, 873270, 891270
The standby state of ESX servers is not reported correctly in Orion. 312152
The Capacity Planning module uses the datastore free space during capacity calculations, which leads to incorrect data. 824742
Datastore latency was calculated incorrectly. -
CentOS VMs are not included in EC2 calculations and in stored searches. -
The host entity is not collected for hosts disconnected from the vCenter. 867305
Duplicate host items are displayed in VIM when switching between vCenter and direct polling. 819448, 850598
Fixed an issue where the VMAN configuration files were overwritten and reverted to default values after upgrade. 868039, 873270, 873400
Update to the OpenSSL version used by the VMAN appliance. -
Performance data is lost when polling is changed from polling through the vCenter to direct polling. 783237
Incorrect memory recommendations are displayed in the Top 10 VMs by Overallocated Memory resource. -
Mapping nodes to VMs may not work correctly with VMs with multiple network interfaces. 825684
MSMQ is flooded with messages, which leads to performance issues. 771114, 703861
No statistics are stored because of duplicated hosts in the database. -
In hourly and daily rollup calculations, the statistics are saved incorrectly. 860211
If a trend fails, it prevents all other trends from being evaluated. 873400
The data processor fails due to duplicate database table entries. -
The last activity date of VMs is calculated incorrectly. -
The NAS link on the datastore details page incorrectly points to the SRM volume. -

Fixed Issues in VMAN v6.3 and IVIM v2.1

Issue Case Number
Issue with receiving host sample data from the vCenter. 731946
VM memory swap alerts show different results in Virtualization Manager and SAM. 769910
Volume polling fails on certain operating systems if the integration with Virtualization Manager is enabled. 753891, 762190, 765830, 766553, 774932, 777699
When multiple monitored nodes share similar device IDs, the Component Volumes resource on the Storage subview of a node displays duplicate entries. -
Virtual machines trigger extraneous notifications which result in MSQM flooding and decreased performance. 771114
Virtualization Manager reports high memory utilization. -

Known Issues in VMAN v6.3 and IVIM v2.1

Issue Case Number
The Node Details resource in IVIM displays the number of CPUs as 0. 388019
Issue with proxy settings when connecting to a VMware host. 218690
Consumption widget displays incorrect information after a resource reaches an outage threshold. 232503
Reports are not saved when the number of columns exceeds 256. 362153
Scheduled reports are saved with an earlier time stamp. 395429
Search containing values with dashes returns incorrect results. 390471
Alert records do not get cleared after the alert is disabled. 530770
Issue with IOPS graphs: certain sample values collected by VMware sample jobs are invalid. 543283, 636070
Issue with the Host partition storage free space alert on ESX volumes. 629903, 630051
Notification about an expired IVIM license is displayed even if NPM or SAM is fully licensed. 750740
Issue with alert actions being triggered twice. The issue occurs when editing an existing alert and changing the alert action, but it does not occur if only the alert condition is edited. -

SolarWinds End of Life Policy

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager versions 5.1.1 and below are no longer supported. Customers on those versions should transition to version 6.0 or above.

View the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.


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