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Virtualization Manager 6.1 Release Notes

Created by Beatrix.Turan, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Updated 05/13/2014

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.1.

You can no longer upgrade on Windows. All versions prior to v6.0 and all Windows versions of Virtualization Manager have entered the End-Of-Life (EOL) cycle. View the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.

To determine the correct upgrade path you need to follow, see this KB article.

As of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.1, performance and configuration metrics that had been collected through SSH have been removed. SSH collection will entirely be removed in a future release. We recommend that you start using the per virtual disk graphs. See this KB article for the list of graphs that were removed from Virtualization Manager v6.1.

Upgrading your Virtualization Manager Appliance

You can upgrade to Virtualization Manager v6.1 from Virtualization Manager v6.0 or later.

New Features and Improvements

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager v6.1 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • Significantly extended integration with Orion, including the following:
    • Addition of Hyper-V clusters
    • Ability to use the Orion Web-based Reporting Engine to report on Virtualization Manager data in the integration
    • Ability to use the Orion Advanced Alert Engine to alert on Virtualization Manager data in the integration
    • Account view limitation - role-based access control for Virtualization Manager entities
    • Performance baselining for dynamic objects
    • Synchronization wizard to enhance ease of setup of integration
  • New licensing method for Virtualization Manager which makes it possible to perform automatic upgrades.
  • Optimized Virtualization Manager performance.

Fixed Issues

Issue Case Number
Fixes an issue where the dashboard is slow, and configuration and performance jobs keep failing.


Resolves an issue where the vCenter could not be polled.


Addresses an issue where the session for the embedded views of Virtualization Manager fails for an Active Directory user.


Fix for an issue in which there is high CPU usage on the Virtualization Manager appliance.


Resolved an issue where the polling method could not be changed to VIM polling.


Fixes an issue where there is no historical data being recorded for Datastore Latency.


Addresses a polling XML error.


Addresses a certificate issue regarding Orion and Virtualization Manager integration.


Fixes an issue where a five-character long top level domain in email addresses could not be validated.


Resolves an issue where incorrect CPU capacity data is used for capacity planning.


Incorrect recommendation for the VM memory overallocation.


Fixes an issue where the Storage tab under the Cluster Details page was not visible for a user who had limitations applied to a single cluster or a group of clusters. Note: When there are no hosts under the cluster, the storage tab is unavailable by design.


Resolves an issue where the IP addresses of VMs on a Hyper-V host were being misinterpreted on the Orion side, potentially resulting in missing nodes-to-VMs associations.


Fixes an issue where no data was available on the Orion side for a Hyper-V VM in an off-critical state.


Fixes an issue where VMan did not pass correct timezone information to Orion, potentially resulting in incorrect time data being stored in the database.


Fix for an issue in which there is high CPU usage on the Virtualization Manager appliance.


The IVIM silent installer does not work with more than 3 parameters.


Fixed the libraries affected by the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug.
Fixes an issue where a NULL UUID resulted in that no data was saved for Hyper-V servers.


Serialized polling results are sent from Virtualization Manager to IVIM with incorrect timezone information.


Virtualization Manager incorrectly serializes multiple IP addresses for VMs.


The snapshot values on the Top 10 VMs by snapshot disk usage resource differ from the values displayed on the Top-N VM Snapshot Usage widget in Virtualization Manager.


Incorrect PollingSource attribute for Hyper-V hosts after VMan-VIM integration.


Incorrect unit is displayed in the datastore latency chart.


The VIM_Hosts table is deleted and renewed with every polling job.


The polling source cannot be changed to VIM if the entity no longer exists in Virtualization Manager.


Nodes integrated from Virtualization Manager do not collect Resource Utilization data.


Synchronization issue between NPM and Virtualization Manager.



Open Issues

Issue Case Number
Performance statistics are displayed with incorrect measurement unit. See this KB article for the explanation. -
A Virtualization Manager node is running, but appears to be in an error state. See this KB article for details. -
Alerts are not triggered for hosts and virtual machines as expected. See this KB article for details. -
ESX discovery does not find VM IPs. See this KB article for details. -
The federated collector cannot be upgraded automatically through port 443. See this KB article for details. -
Issue while switching host polling from VMan to VIM. -
Guest storage space utilization is calculated differently for VMan and VIM. -
No data appears in on-demand reports.



SolarWinds End of Life Policy

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager versions 5.1.1 and below are no longer supported. Customers on those older versions should transition to version 6.0 or above.

View the SolarWinds EOL Policy online.


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