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VMAN Documentation

VMAN 8.1 Release

VMAN 8.1 now has Capacity Planning. When planning your virtual environment infrastructure, resources, and allocation, you may need help determining when you need to expand and how much you need to expand by. Capacity Planning provides a scenario wizard that helps you create and test configurations on-the-fly or intensively after deep consideration of your environment’s performance history, new system needs, and currently available resources.

See the newly updated and improved VMAN documentation.

Latest release: VMAN 8.1 on December 4, 2017

Release Notes


VMAN version 8.1 release notes includes new features, upgrade notes, fixed and known issues, and end-of-life notices.


Getting Started Guide


Step-by-step guide to installing VMAN, plus deployment and configuration information to quickly get your new product in place.



Upgrade Guide


Step-by-step instructions and checklists to help you plan, prepare, and then upgrade.



Administrator Guide


Beyond the Getting Started Guide, learn how to use all of the VMAN features.


Popular Information


Additional Resources



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