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Calculate the cost of moving the virtual infrastructure to Amazon EC2

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Created by Caroline Juszczak, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The Cloud Cost (EC2) dashboard displays data about the cost of moving your current virtual infrastructure or a part of it to Amazon EC2.

Because the costs of using cloud services depend on such factors as the location of the servers, Virtualization Manager does not cover all the possibilities by default in its cloud cost calculation. However, you can modify the algorithm Virtualization Manager uses for the calculations.

  1. Click Explore > Content.
  2. Filter content by type, and select Trends.
  3. Search for EC2 to find the trends you want to modify.
  4. Click a trend, and click Configure.
  5. Click Criteria to see the XPath query that is used for calculating the cloud cost.

For example, the criteria for the EC2 Average Monthly Windows VM Cost trend is the following:

if (/virtualMachine/memory <= 1740.8 and /virtualMachine/cpuCount <=1) then 87.6 else if

(/virtualMachine/memory <= 1740.8 and /virtualMachine/cpuCount <=5) then 211.7 else if

(/virtualMachine/memory <= 7680 and /virtualMachine/cpuCount <=4) then 350.4 else if

(/virtualMachine/memory <= 17510.4 and /virtualMachine/cpuCount <=6.5) then 452.6 else if

(/virtualMachine/memory <= 15360 and /virtualMachine/cpuCount <=8) then 700.8 else if

(/virtualMachine/memory <= 7168 and /virtualMachine/cpuCount <=20) then 846.8 else if

(/virtualMachine/memory <= 35020.8 and /virtualMachine/cpuCount <=13) then 1051.2 else 2102.4

The first line represents Windows on an m1.small instance with 1.8 GiB of memory and one vCPU. The last number is the price per month. Change the numbers according to the output of the cloud cost calculator provided by Amazon or other providers.

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