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Ignore recommendations

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Updated: 10-19-2016

By ignoring a recommendation, you can remove it from the list of active recommendations. You can ignore a recommendation for one time, or for a selected period of time. When a recommendation is ignored, an exclusion policy is created for the related entity dependent on the configured length of time. After the set time ends, recommendations continue triggering. If you select Never, the exclusion policy is permanent until edited.

If you ignore a recommendation, you are excluding the affected VM from all recommendations for a specific amount of time.

  1. On the All Recommendations page, select one or more recommendations.
  2. Click More Actions > Ignore Recommendation.

    A page displays with information and a time limit option.

  3. Select the time period during which all recommendations for the related entity should be ignored: 3 days, 1 week, Custom (set an amount of time), or Never.
  4. Click Ignore Recommendations.

An exclusion policy is created for related objects. You can review and manage the exclusion policy through the Recommendation Settings > Policies page. See Configure exclusion policies.

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