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Cancel recommendations

Updated: 10-19-2016

Recommendations may include multiple steps that can individually take time, or require additional actions. If you need to cancel these recommendations, you can cancel a scheduled or running recommendations.

The recommendation may trigger again if the issues persist that triggered it the first time. When triggered, you can review and manage the recommendation as needed.

Cancel a scheduled recommendation

A scheduled recommendation has not run yet. Canceling this recommendation will not cause issues for currently running steps.

  1. On the All recommendations page, select the Scheduled tab.
  2. Select the recommendation to cancel, and click Cancel the scheduled action(s).
  3. Confirm the cancellation.

The recommendation is removed from the schedule and is returned to active recommendations.

Cancel a running recommendation

A running recommendation has completed any number of steps, working through each step until the procedure is complete. If you cancel a currently running recommendation, any completed actions are reverted.

  1. On the All recommendations page, select the Running tab.
  2. Select the recommendation to cancel, and then click Cancel & Revert.

Revert actions are started, and the environment is returned to the same state as before running the recommendation. Details can be viewed on the History tab.

Last modified
15:33, 14 Mar 2017